Crooked Creek 
 Fuquay-Varina, NC

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TSA REPRESENTATIVE: The TSA Rep is responsible for attending monthly TSA meetings. They need to be available at each swim meet to assure rules are followed as well as settle disputes and maintain a fair swim meet. We must have a TSA Rep at every meet.

MEET MANAGER: The Meet Manager organizes volunteers so swim meets are appropriately staffed. They also need to determine the sunset time due to lighting issues.

CLERK OF COURSE: The Clerk of Course is responsible for lining up the children in their appropriate lanes according to age and event as determined by the swim coach.

ASSISTANT CLERK OF COURSE: The Assistant Clerk of Course will assist the Clerk by placing swimmers in their lanes and moving them forward to the blocks so they can swim their event.

RUNNER: Three runners are needed for each meet. Runner #1 runs the meet sheets from the Clerk of Course to the Recorder. Runner #2 runs the completed meet sheets from the Recorder to the Scorer. Runner #3 runs DQ slips from the Stroke & Turn Judge to the Scorers. The Runners literally run for the entire meet.

RECORDER: The Recorder is responsible for obtaining place information for main events from the Place Judge. Event sheets are filled out by the Recorder and 1st place times are entered, then sheets are handed over to a Runner to be delivered to the Scorer.

STROKE & TURN JUDGE: The Stroke & Turn Judge needs to attend a training course, either online or locally, to be a certified Stroke & Turn Judge. At the meets, they must access the strokes and identify illegal movements that disqualify swimmers. They then fill out DQ slips to be turned in to the Scorers.

PLACE JUDGES: (1st, 3rd, 5th for home meets & 2nd, 4th, 6th for away meets)

Place Judges observe the Main Events and inform the Recorder of the lane that their swimmer was in when they call for the event result. For example: When the Recorder calls “2nd Place?” You reply “Lane 4” if you are the 2nd place judge and the 2nd place winner was in lane 4.

HEAD TIMER: The Head Timer hands and out clip boards and stop watches to the Timers after obtaining them from the Meet Manager. They instruct timers on the use of the stop watch when necessary. They also relieve timers as needed and be a back-up timer if a stop watch malfunctions.

TIMER: Each Timers is assigned a lane. The timer is responsible for double checking each swimmer’s name and timing each event.

LIGHTING COORDINATORS: Lighting Coordinators are needed to set up and take down portable lights for swim events even though the meets are only planned to run until the end of sunset.

VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN COORDINATOR: The Check-In Coordinator will welcome parents and volunteers upon arrival at the pool and check them off for fulfilling their job for that meet. This ensures that the volunteer deposit checks are returned at the end of the season.

SCORER: The Scorer obtains score sheets from the Runner (who obtains them from the Recorder) and assign scores to winners. They keep a running tally during meets on score sheets provided.

RIBBON WRITER: The Ribbon Writer fills out the backs of place ribbons at meets with each swimmer’s name, place, stroke and time.

KID PUSHER: Kid Pushers need to retreive the kids from their areas during meets as they are called for their event, line them up and deposit them to the Clerk of Course so they can be placed in appropriate lanes for swimming.

ANNOUNCER/STARTER: This is usually a 2-person job, but can be performed by one person if needed. The Announcer starts the meet, makes appropriate announcements, and calls swimmers for their events. The starter starts each event. Scripts are provided for both of these positions.

CONCESSIONS SET-UP: Responsible for helping to set-up the concession stand bar for home meets. Set up needs to begin no later than 3pm. 

CONCESSIONS WORKER: The Concessions Worker helps run the concession stand during home meets, including re-stocking and organizing the items for sale. They also provide water periodically to parents and volunteers who are working the swim meets.